Branded letterhead for SSPR.

SSPR Research Network

A research network focusing on secondary stroke prevention.

Visual Identity, Motion

An update to my University project originally conducted in December 2016. INSsPIRE contacted my class for some design support as part of our coursework.

SSPR Research Network logo in motion.

INSsPIRE is an international network of researchers who share a focus on prevention of secondary stroke, through non-invasive, non-surgical interventions.

Main lockup and logomark for SSPR.

As part of an expansion effort INSsPIRE sought out a brand which would be visible to stroke patients, carers, and family members; as well as clinicians and researchers.

Branded letterhead for SSPR.
Branded business cards for SSPR Research Network.

This brief called for an approachable brand, yet had to retain the professionalism already attached to their reputation as researchers. I responded with a simple but strong logomark, and a new name.

Explanation of logomark for SSPR.

The flow within the mark symbolises the flow of information between researchers, and the coming together of shared resources for the betterment of the whole.